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It is guide of the use of village forest Airport furtherance of thisRent-a-car user accommodation subsidy programExchange support grant of Okunoto SuzuSuzu City WebcamView Suzu through videosDigital librarySuzu-shi staff blogDigital BrochureWe go to meet person from SuzuWe find mascot of Suzu-shiMy route guide who can make my sightseeing routeSuzu-shi homepage 
La Porte Suzu 
Is it country living rashishiteminke from Suzu?
NPO corporation Noto Suzunari
It is village forest Airport homepage of this 
Open space HP which is boiled where Iida breeds in
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Suzu-shi hometown tax
Noto hometown Expo 
Okunoto international art festival 2020 

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